How Can Pilates Improve Your Posture and Back Pain?


Many people are familiar with having health issues because of an improper posture. Sometimes improper position can not only affect physical health but mental health. As a result, you should take proper considerations to improve your situation. Although there are some ways through which you can improve your posture, Pilates will prove to be the most effective. As a result, you should prefer undergoing the Pilates training from an experienced Pilate’s trainer for a proper posture. Pilates play an essential role in strengthening the core muscles, which helps to improve the attitude of the body.

What is Pilates?

Pilates benefits

Pilates exercise is a kind of activity which uses different types of machines. This plays an essential role in improving the bodily strength. Apart from that, it also enhances the flexibility, and posture of the body. Mind makes the entire body function so keeping the mental health stable is an essential part. Therefore, Pilates training helps to improve the mental stability of the body.

Pilates help to enhance the different parts of the body. It focuses on the lower back, abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor of the body — all these help in keeping the shoulders relaxed and ensures that the necks and heads to move in proper condition. It also helps to cure the pain in the leg, hip, and feet region.

What are the benefits of Pilates training?

The Pilates training is said to be beneficial in a lot of ways. Relieving the pain from the body such as back pain, foot pain and more

  •    Ensure easy movement all around
  •    Enhances the muscle function
  •    Improves the circulation in the body
  •    Increases the range of motion for the body
  •    Improved appearance
  •    Improves the self-confidence

Pilates and Back Pain


If there is any pain, Pilates can efficiently treat, it is back pain. The core strength is the primary aspect of managing back pain. However, a flexible body is also one of the major requirements to solve the problem. Exercising allows stretching which in turn improves the contraction and treats the normal curvature. Pilates training can help in improving flexibility and posture within 12 weeks. You can ask your Pilates trainer to teach you the mold exercises so that you can have significant results. The primary target of Pilates is to treat hunched kyphotic lordotic posture. The kyphotic lordotic posture is mainly responsible for hip pain, weak abs and neck pain. If you suffer from back pain, Pilate’s exercises can help in treating them.

Posture and alignment exercise

  • Stand: You should stand on your feet placing legs under your hips. It is better to keep your feet and legs parallel with forwarding pointing knees that are straight.
  • Balance the weight: In Pilates exercises, it is essential to balance the load. Thus, you should adjust your body in such a manner that the burden of the collection falls through the middle of the foot. Rocking a little forward and backward on your foot can help to solve it.
  • Activate your core muscles: Make sure to activate your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to treat it.
  • Drop the tailbone: Once you activate your core muscles, you should allow the tailbone to drop. This will bring the neutral spine position
  • Relax and open the chest: You need to put your chest in a relaxing position for your Pilates exercises. You should align the sternum straight.
  • Shoulder down, broad back: Expand your back by allowing the chest to drop. This will ensure that your major core muscles are strengthening up. You should be in a posture where your core is a significant strength and not shoulders.
  • Look straight: Your ears should be in a position where it tries to reach higher. The top of the ears should be in an upwards position.

What Pilates exercise support good posture?

pilates posture

When you begin your Pilates training, your Pilates trainer will prescribe you a list of exercises. These may include:

  •    Pelvic curl
  •    Searching for a neutral spine
  •    Roll up
  •    Pilates plank pose

A good posture will ensure heavy and full breathing. Apart from the Pilates exercises, you should try breathing to improve your position. The therapists provide to work with diaphragmatic breathing and posture breathing muscles to enhance the area. You can search in Google for ‘Pilate’s classes near me’ and join them to ensure good health.