Natural Methods to Melt Away Face and Neck Fat


Some people have extra weight in their face and chin making them look more chubby and round. Too much fat in these areas can be alarming and may lower one’s self-esteem. To save you from this trouble, here are some natural ways that can help melt away those unwanted fats on your face and neck.

What To Consume

Flax Seeds

flax seeds

These seeds are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids which helps improve a person’s metabolism and help in weight loss. Incorporate flax seeds into your diet to get rid of excess fat. You can mix powdered flaxseed in warm water with honey and consume it once a day.

Green Tea

green tea

This tea is well-known for its ability to help in weight loss. It is filled with catechins that are antioxidants that promote weight loss. Consuming green tea every single day will naturally help reduce your double chin and body fat.


Keeping yourself well-hydrated through drinking enough water can help you lose more weight. When the body is hydrated, your metabolism speeds up. Replace sugary beverages and alcohol with water to keep out of substances that contribute to weight gain.

Things to do

things to do


A fun way to keep your facial muscles toned, fit and firmer is through certain facial exercises. Although, these exercises are not as effective as full body-workouts which can help you lose weight all over – including fats on your face and neck.

Egg White Mask

egg white mask

Egg whites contain properties that help reduce pore size and tighten the skin which can also help reduce face fat and double chin. The mixture is made with honey, lemon juice, milk, and egg whites. Apply it on your face and neck. Leave on for 30 minutes and properly rinse it off.

Milk Massage

massage with milk

Milk has nutrients that help tighten and tone up the skin. It also helps retain skin elasticity. Consuming milk can improve your skin condition, but using it for a facial massage can help melt away some of your face and neck fat. A few drops of honey and raw milk combined should make a paste which is then applied on the face and neck.

Hot Towel Treatment

hot towel treatment

A hot towel treatment is one way to make the face sweat. The steam reduces facial fat and tightens and rejuvenates the skin. Simply boil some warm water and soak the towel. Squeeze the excess water and press it on your face – especially on the fatty areas.

A little effort and consistency from your side are all that is needed if you want to get rid of excess fats in your face and neck for a slimmer look. Try which natural methods work for you and be sure to commit to them.

Non-Surgical Fat Removal Treatments

If you find it hard to lose fat in your puffy face, but still don’t want to go under surgery, there are non-surgical treatments available. The double chin, in particular, is one of the hardest to get rid of. Non-invasive double chin treatments are the quickest and most effective method to reduce fat in this area. Learn more about these treatments here.