How to Choose the Right Wedding Ring For Your Partner


You’ve met the one, you’ve dated for years, and you know everything about each other. You’ve both talked about taking things to the next level, and you’re overwhelmed with excitement about the possibility of marriage. Now you’re just missing one thing… a ring.

There are a multitude of factors to consider when you’re going to purchase a ring for your Person. Style, cost, and advice are just the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, you have all the tools you need to make a beautifully educated purchase.

Know Your Partner

Know Your Partner

You’ve been together long enough to know what they like. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be together. Take the opportunity to jot down hints whenever jewelry bubbles up in conversation, especially specific to rings. You might ask direct questions about different styles, like bohemian as opposed to vintage or more traditional rings. You may even decide to go ring browsing together at a jewelry store to get a sense of what each of you likes and how they look together. Lots of couples enjoy open dialogue about wedding rings in terms of preferences so that the big decision doesn’t rest solely on one pair of shoulders. This can serve as an opportunity for the two of you to hang out, and takes some of the pressure off the final decision-maker. When in doubt? Ask for advice. Rings are a substantial purchase, and there’s no shame in phoning a friend. You might even ask one of your partner’s close friends or siblings to come along for the ring-shopping ride. Chances are they’ll be thrilled to help.

Know Yourself

Regardless of your own taste, you’re shopping for someone else before a proposal. This means being able to seperate your own preferences from the decision entirely, and to walk away from the jewelry store with something they’ll be thrilled to wear for years to come. As tempting as it is to pour your desire to please your partner into this decision, separating your taste from it as much as possible will really seal the deal. This may mean bringing moral support, if you’re someone who’s more likely to feel comfortable with a buddy.

Conversely, if you are more likely to be annoyed by someone else’s opinion and feel as though your decision will be more reflective of your partner without a sidekick, leave the help at home. Be warned, deciding to forego help may win you disapproval from family and friends of your own and your partner’s.

Regardless of any of that, know what will suit you best and roll with it.

Know Your Budget

Know Your Budget

Understand and solidify the amount of money you’re willing to part with before you even walk out the door to choose wedding rings. Committing to stick to that number and remain unwavering despite any salesperson’s best efforts can be a comfort throughout the entire process. Rest assured, jewelry store associates will absolutely try to sell you something outside your specified range. Take heart, take your time, and shop around before you commit; all diamonds might look similar during your first trip to the jewelry store.

You want to make sure you’re comfortable with your final purchase. Lowering your budget for something that’s traditionally so expensive also forces you to look at rings you might not have considered before. Shop for Unique, Inexpensive Engagement Rings online and find something special for around a grand or less with House of Fraser 50% Off discounts here. Be patient with yourself.

Know Your Stuff

Understanding the famous “four C’s” of diamonds is imperative. Cut, carat, clarity, and color are all important factors when you’re going to choose wedding rings, and being able to see for yourself which stones are of higher quality than others will make you more self-sufficient, capable, and confident. Don’t be discouraged if you’ve never heard of the four Cs; you’re not alone. Take time to research gemstones a little so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. This way, if a salesperson tells you something you’re not sure about, you’ll at least have a bit of a knowledge base. Study and give yourself the edge. You might also consider your partner’s job or lifestyle when selecting a ring. If they do a lot of work with their hands, you might avoid a ring that will definitely get caught on a lot of objects, and so forth. Above all, your best strength is your intuition. In the midst of unique wedding rings, gemstones, settings, and salespeople… don’t be afraid to trust your gut.