How to Make the Right Choice for Men’s Wedding Bands


Wedding bands are much more than just a romantic gesture. They reflect your dedication, love, and commitment to your life partner. Moreover, wedding bands reflect your personality, taste, and lifestyle. Today you would come across an extensive collection of wedding bands in diverse designs and metals. The modern men are not quite happy to be content with the traditional platinum or gold wedding bands. Today, the contemporary men are looking for stunning wedding bands in unique designs and unconventional metals such as titanium or tungsten.

There is something for everybody irrespective of your preference, personality, and bent of mind. You would get a gorgeous wedding band of your choice even if you have a fascination with something classic and elegant with a timeless appeal. If you are a guy looking for trendy and cutting-edge designs, you would get a stunning collection of wedding bands in alternative metals. You could even get some gorgeous, robust, and affordable wedding bands for the hardworking man who cannot handle delicate rings as his job involves a tremendous amount of manual dexterity.  

  • Love for Timeless & Classic Bands Is Forever There

No matter what sort of metal you are opting for, the typical band style of men’s wedding rings would be always in vogue. While it may not be ornate or flashy, you could rest assured that this classic wedding band would continue to look good and would never lose its charm even in future. Another amazing benefit of opting for a simple and plain wedding band is the economical pricing. A classic wedding ring would be looking quite stunning. Young grooms are often attracted by bands in classic designs. They are able to obtain an awesome wedding band at the most affordable price even though it is created using expensive materials. Browse the extensive wedding bands collection at

  • An Inclination toward Oval-Cut Diamonds

This year the oval-cut diamonds have made a comeback. When you choose an elegant and simple style, this conventional cut would be a wonderful way of adding a vintage element to you when you are actually, in a crowd. The elongated shape seems to be flattering, that makes your fingers look slimmer and longer as you flaunt your new wedding band.

  • Growing Popularity of Black Wedding Bands

A few years ago nobody could imagine purchasing a black wedding band for the wedding purposes. It was during the past few years that the black wedding rings started to get momentum and reached new heights. These wedding bands are made of palladium, tungsten or carbon fiber etc. Black wedding bands are very popular and very much in vogue as they provide an edgy and a darker, alternative look. They are trendy, unique, and offer a truly smoldering and stark look as compared to the wedding bands made of lighter metals such as platinum or gold.

  • Increased Demand for Thicker Metal Bands

The modern online shopping era and the growing popularity of the social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have actually ushered in the era of over-the-top and unique wedding bands for men. The trend that is gathering momentum everywhere is thicker than usual wedding bands. The boost in band’s width is certainly not about balance but about preference.

  • The Resurgence of Bands in Precious Metals

Wedding bands have become the actual canvas of preference for guys making a fashion statement. Even though the titanium and tungsten sales jumped up after the economic recession, today there is a resurgence of white gold and rose gold in the wedding band scenario.

  • Rose Gold Is in Demand

Rose gold is extremely popular for wedding bands. This is an alloy of gold and copper and has a fascinating reddish tint and it suits everyone. Rose gold takes a classic look to a whole new level. Rose gold is ideal for men who have an inclination for vintage style, however, wish to adopt a modern approach.

  • Platinum Bands Are Always in Vogue

Since platinum is supposed to be the most valuable metal, an exotic platinum wedding band could help you to make a fashion statement and is a wonderful symbol of matrimony. The very fact that the wedding band is made of platinum would be elevating any unconventional or even conventional design to greater heights due to the wow factor of the truly lustrous and precious white material.

The guys with a tighter budget are, however, opting for the platinum look without the heavy price tag by buying beautiful palladium wedding bands. Palladium is almost similar in appearance to platinum and is actually a byproduct of the platinum mining process.

  • Textured Wedding Bands Are In

Distressed finishes or textured wedding bands seem to be extremely popular with the contemporary bridegrooms. A roughed-up or a faceted finish helps to create a fascinating visual interest yet it does not appear to look very different from the traditional wedding bands. Gold is supposed to be malleable and ultra-soft so it is not the best metal for textured wedding bands. You may opt for metal like cobalt, tungsten carbide, silver, and even platinum if you have the budget.

  • Tungsten Carbide Ring Is a Popular Option Today

Tungsten is durable and known for its robustness. Moreover, this metal is supposed to be hypoallergenic. This is a resilient metal that is not susceptible to cracking, chipping, or deforming. Earlier tungsten wedding bands did not come in a wide variety of designs but today with the help of state-of-the-art technology, tungsten rings could be created in all sorts of designs. Let your imagination run wild! Today the affordable tungsten wedding bands come in a number of finishes. Some wedding bands look like platinum or white gold while others have black or dark finishes for a trendier look.

Titanium Wedding Band Is Loved by the Modern Guy

Titanium wedding bands are very much in vogue. The very name makes our imagination run wild with visions of space age technology and superheroes. Most men would be thrilled to flaunt their titanium wedding bands. These rings are really reasonably priced and come in a broad spectrum of designs and finishes.


Your bond with your life partner is truly unique, and it deserves to be reflected in every aspect of your wedding, from the elaborate spread to the one-of-a-kind wedding band that you choose. The last few years have seen modern couples throw caution to the wind and ditch the boring traditional designs for more creative and bold options. Innovation and creativity are the new mantras in the wedding circuit today and so, your wedding band is certainly no exception.