How to Match Shoes with Your Dress: The Ultimate Girl’s Guide


The dressing is an art and some women are just born with a better understanding of fashion than others. However, even when you find it difficult to keep up with the changing trends every season, the good news is that once you acquaint yourself with the basic rules of fashion, following the trend is neither hard nor really necessary. You will be able to match everything without having to look at your favourite magazines for exact guidance. Sure, they can still give you ideas, but you won’t have to rely on them as much anymore. Today, we are going to concentrate on shoes, and how to match them flawlessly with the rest of your attire.

The Sporty Look

sporty look

So, you have got the jersey of your favourite football team on, and have decided to couple it with a pair of jeans or maybe a short skirt in matching the theme. The most ideal choice of shoes with such a setup would be trainers of course, especially if you are wearing jeans or shorts. Basic flats and platform sandals will also do if you go for a skirt instead of jeans or shorts.

The Chic Casuals

The options are so vast here and encompass so many attires that it would be impossible to state every one of them! The thing is, just by using a bit of colour matching the knowledge and the basic info about casual shoes, you cannot go wrong here.

Heels in particular, go well with most casual attire, and that includes high-heels. However, the smaller, wedge heels are a safer choice here if you are not sure. Platform sandals are perfect for casual occasions as well.

When you are going to the beach or a pool party this summer, complement your beach attire with a pair of moccasins or matching slippers even. Barebones, minimalist sandals are a good choice too.

If it’s winter time, the occasion just beckons us to take out those ankle boots and pair them with a denim jacket.

The Evening Dress

evevning dress with high heels

This is where the high-heeled shoes come into full effect and you might want to check in with the Dune heeled shoe collection if you need a new pair. For example, that red ball gown with a deep V-Cut will look extra sensual when you match it up with a pair of Dune’s Arielle in silver or rose gold.

In case you choose a maxi dress in dazzling emerald green, and a side cut along the thigh to expose your gorgeous shoes, the WF Allize 2 with its wide fit or the Steve Madden Dallas in black will do a wonderful job of complementing the dress. Do make your own choice after looking at the entire collection though.

High heels are not your only option for evening dresses mind you, because strappy sandals, Greek sandals and mid heels will work just fine with evening dresses of any type.

Business Attire


High heels (less than or equal to 4-inches) in dark neutrals are naturally compatible with almost any business attire out there, but wide heels and mid-heels are perfectly fine here too. What really matters is that you stick with darker shades like black, navy and brown.

White is another colour that works well with business attire, but once again, no fancy highlights should be present on your business shoes. If you choose a one-piece business dress in a dark shade, then white heels could be an excellent pair to contrast it with.

Tight Fitting Attire

tight fit attires

Any tightfitting dress outside the gym (compression wear doesn’t count!) falls under this category. Minidresses and tight miniskirts are good examples which look great when matched with pumps, open sandals and sabots. In case you are wondering, the preferred choice is always going to be high-heels for these as well. Nonetheless, a mid-heel will get the job done too; as long as you don’t go with something that’s completely flat, you won’t interrupt the visual symmetry.

Workout Attire

workout attire

It can be compression wear or yoga pants and a tube top; the choice is entirely yours because unlike everywhere else, mobility and physical comfort take precedence here. The same goes for shoes too, although trainers are generally the ideal choice in most gyms.

In case your training involves advanced exercises, do take a look at the range of sports and workout shoes that manufacturers like Reebok and Adidas have on offer. Different types of sports training will require shoes specific to that sport though.

If at any time you are confused about the colour of the pair, you can always rely on neutral darks and lights (black, deep grey, navy, white, off-white, silver, etc.) to keep you from making a fashion disaster. While the colour of your shoes doesn’t always have to match that of the attire you are wearing, sometimes, matching that white polka shirt with a pair of polka pumps may not be a bad idea!