How to Improve Your Exercise Regime When on a Ketogenic Diet


Planning out an exercise regime when you are just starting your ketogenic can get somewhat tricky, especially due to some of the side effects that you may experience. The infamous keto flu has some symptoms such as irritability, nausea and insomnia, and it is also the main reason why your physical activity may reduce.

While all of these symptoms are highly inconvenient, there are ways for you to alleviate some,, and carry out your exercise regime more easily. The best thing to do so if you are experiencing keto flu is to get some healthy keto supplements with an abundance of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).

Improve Your Exercise Regime

BHB actually makes up to about 78 percent of total ketone levels in our blood systems. A supplement made with BHB will help your body produce more ketones, and supply you with an optimal amount of ketones before your liver actually produces a sufficient amount of them. This will help you get over keto flu more easily, and get you ready to start working out in no time!

An important thing to keep in mind is that all ketogenic diets have an appetite-suppressing effect on our bodies, making you feel full for a longer time. This is one of keto’s best features, and it helps you lose weight more easily, but it can be considered a downside if your main concern is maintaining a proper exercise regime.

While exercising, you deplete your body of its glycogen stores, which is great if you are trying to lose weight, but keep in mind that your body will need a sufficient amount of fats to keep you going through your exercise. The number of fats your body needs while working out can even double up, so make sure to eat enough food beforehand. This is also important because if you eat enough fats before your workout, your body will actually start producing even more ketones — making sure you maintain your ketosis!

Ketogenic Diet

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should adjust your diet to your exercise regime. There are four types of exercises, and each one of them requires a proper diet to back it up. These types are: stability, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic. The most demanding type out of the four are the anaerobic exercises. Due to their high intensity, you may want to introduce a higher carb intake in order to supply your metabolism with a sufficient amount of energy.

There are three types of ketogenic diets, and out of the three, the cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) will allow you to increase your carb intake the most. You would be able to eat low-carb meals for the most of your week, and then stack up on carbs that you need for about a day or two. This is the best type of keto diet if you are doing high-intensity training, because it will allow your muscles to recover more easily.

The second type is the targeted ketogenic diet (TKD), and it allows you to increase your carb intake by eating a fast-burning carb meal before and after your workout. Just make sure that these meals have less than 50 grams of net carbs!

And the most common ketogenic diet you always hear about is the standard ketogenic diet (SKD), which allows you to eat only about 30 grams of net carbs a day. It works great with low-intensity exercises such as yoga or light jogging.


Overall, if you were worried about how you will be able to combine your exercise regime with your diet, the best tip just about anyone can give you is to get to know your body’s needs and to adjust your diet to them. Make sure to eat enough fats and protein to supplement your body with the energy it needs, and your workouts will also improve.

Another tip is to make sure your workouts are frequent, because you will get better end results that way, whereas an inconsistent exercise regime will not give you the results you want. Once your body gets used to consistent workouts, it will enter a state of keto-adaptation.

This means that it will adapt to your diet and will produce more ketones needed to sustain optimal energy levels. It will also adjust to using less and less carbs as a fuel source, meaning that if you pursue your diet for a longer period of time, your body will actually stop needing carbs.

To sum it up, once you know which type of exercise regime you are going for, you will be able to adjust it to any of the three ketogenic diets and make the best of your journey to health and fitness!