Laser Skin Tightening – Myths and Facts Revealed!


The Myths and Facts Behind Laser Skin Tightening

You have probably heard a lot about the process of skin tightening using laser machines in the past. The question is how much of what you have heard is actually factual and how much is just myths made up to drum up interest in the procedures? Here are some answers.

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Lasers Work for Anyone with Any Skin Type

This is a myth. There are certain people who can’t have laser procedures, or at least really shouldn’t. The top group on that list would be those with oily skin because the oil can get too hot when it is zapped with the heat of the laser. Those with particularly dark, dry, or generally sensitive skin might also have trouble with laser treatments.

Lasers Only Work on the Surface of the Skin

This is also not true. What is true is that some commonly used medical lasers are design for surface skin treatments. They are known as ablative lasers. While they can have an impact on the lower layers of skin as well, they are often best known for the peel effect they have on surface skin. They can resurface the skin in much the same way as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion.

What many people don’t realize is that other types of lasers also exist. Non-ablative lasers, for example, are meant to tighten up existing collagen in skin cells and get the body of the patient to make more collagen at the same time. Since collagen is one of the substances that helps to hold those cells tightly together, the end result is that the treated skin looks tighter and wrinkles begin to smooth out.

Lasers Can Treat Any Wrinkles or Skin Sags

Again, this is a myth. Lasers are not miracle cures for severely sagging skin. They are meant more to treat small individual surface wrinkles or kick start your body’s internal skin healing processes, but they can only tighten your skin so much. If you have skin sags that can’t be treated by lasers then surgery might be your only choice.

You’ll Have to Go Back for Laser Treatment Again and Again

This is part truth and part myth. The truth part is that you will probably need to go in for several appointments before you start to see results, especially if you go the non-ablative laser treatment route. However, the myth part is that you are under no obligation to go in for laser treatments again and again forever. How many laser treatments you will need or want will depend on your skin’s health, your personal finances, and a number of other factors.

You Need to Care for Your Skin Before and After Laser Treatment

This is completely true. The more you care for your skin daily, the better it’s health will be. Even after you have had laser treatments, that is still true. You can’t let your skincare become a low priority in your life because you will find yourself needing that many more clinical procedures to fix the damage in the future.

Lasers Are Your Only Option for Better Skin Health

This is one final myth that you shouldn’t fall for. There are plenty of other skincare choices on the market today. The important thing is to talk to a skincare specialist about what your skin really needs. Maybe that’s laser treatment and maybe it’s not, but either way you’ll have a direction to go in to make your skin feel and look much healthier.