Marketing Reinvented By Reetika Gala


Reekita Gala – SHE.EO Providing Marketing Innovation Through Augmented and Mixed Reality

If there is any industry that is known for being a BoysClub,its the tech industry. Around 70 percent of all STEM degree holders are men. In the STEM-related workforce, an even higher percentage of workers are male. Simply put, women are grossly outnumbered when it comes to anything related to science. Thats why finding women who lead the industrys evolution always manages to be doubly impressive.

In the brand-new field of augmented reality, one woman above all has been making waves. That woman is Reekita Gala, and shes the female CEO everyone is talking about. Her claim to fame is creating a new wave of marketing featuring augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality.

Marketing Reinvented By Reetika Gala

By adding a new layer of reality-enhancing tech, Galas company has been able to give people a more realistic, enhanced look at life in a wide range of different ways. For real estate agents, her marketing tech has allowed potential homebuyers to have in-home tours from miles away. Factory owners now can offer real-time tours of their facilities across the globe. Even financiers have been able to improve their bottom lines.

Like many other SHE.EOs, Reekita works her entrepreneurial spirit through a wide variety of different ways. She has helped people learn to use augmented reality software, created unique software kits for businesses, and also given entrepreneurs new business plans that incorporate cutting-edge tech into their marketing plans.  

Does this sound like sci-fi? It might for most people, but make no mistake about it. Its as real as it gets. Reekitas world is one where the lines of real life and tech are perennially blurredand that includes the ways people interact with different brands. Only here will you see customers who can use software to enhance the life they already see, all with a touch of marketing involved.

The reason why Gala started to work with AR is because she sees marketing as a constantly-evolving concept. The marketing that worked in 1940 wouldnt work in 1980, nor would the marketing from 1980 work today. It only makes sense to try to beat others to the punch, and in most cases, that means adapting technology before it hits the mainstream.

Augmented reality also has the benefit of being a fully immersive type of tech. This, too, plays well into marketing. She asks, Marketing should be a holistic plan, and what can be more whole than changing reality to show a products benefits?

At Divas World, we absolutely love seeing female CEOs who defy the odds and take on male-oriented industries. Thats why were happy to see Reekitas work, and why we totally approve of her science diva style.  To learn more about Reekita’s system to grow your business through Augmented and Mixed Reality, click here