5 Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain


Are you experiencing lower back pain? Here are 5 effective ways to get rid of this stubborn problem.

Back pain is a serious problem that affects millions of people every year. According to the American Chiropractic Association, it is estimated that at any given time, approximately 30 million Americans experience lower back pain. If you have been experiencing this problem, then there are several methods that you can use to alleviate your pain. Here are 5 highly effective strategies that will help to get rid of lower back pain:

1. Alternating cold and heat therapy

cold and heat therapy for lower back pain

This is one of the most effective first-aid treatments for back pain. If you are experiencing sudden back pain as a result of fatigue or some strenuous activity, then you should definitely try applying alternating heat and cold therapy to the affected area. This can easily be done at home. Lie on your stomach then carefully place an ice pack directly on your lower back and leave it there for 20 minutes. Do this for the first 2 days when you’re experiencing lower back pain. If after 2 days the pain has not subsided, then you can switch to using heat. This can be done using a heating pad, hot water bottle or even taking a hot bath.

2. Over the Counter medications

For many people, simple painkillers can help to reduce lower back pain. Hence, you should consider taking some of the common over-the-counter painkillers such as Brufen and Aspirin. However, if symptoms persist, be sure to seek professional medical advice.

3. Massage Therapy

When was the last time you got a massage? A relaxing back massage can go a long way in reliving lower back pain. This is because massage therapy helps to relax your muscles and improve blood circulation. When it comes to massage therapy, you might have to go for several sessions in order to see tangible results.

4. Suitable exercises

Get rid of back pain - Exercise

Did you know that the condition of your muscles plays a key role in causing lower back pain? Various muscle groups such as the hamstrings and core muscles help to support the lower back. By improving the strength and flexibility of these muscles, you will be able to enjoy better support and less pain. If you are looking for examples of core exercises that you can perform at home, FlexMasterGeneral.com is an amazing website that has a few that help with lower back pain.

5. Improved posture

Do you always walk with a slump? Well, this could be one of the habits that is causing you to experience lower back pain. In order to reverse the problem, you should do your best to acquire a better posture. Here is a simple exercise that you can do at home to help develop good posture: balance a pile of books on your head and then practice walking back and forth without dropping them. You should also try and reduce the number of hours that you spend seated. For instance, if you sit for long hours, then you should make it a habit to get up every 30 minutes and walk around for about 5 minutes. This will help to reduce the strain on your muscles and lower back.