6 Unique Ways to Take Care of Your Mattress


You might not know that you spend almost three-thousand hours each year while lying on the bed. Therefore, taking a proper care of your mattress is mandatory. A well cared and a well-chosen mattress is extremely beneficial for your health in the long run. It helps in keeping the spine in a proper alignment, supports your body and provides a blissful sleep that is not interrupted by pains and aches. There are many people who ruin the mattress completely by not taking care of it in a proper manner.

Listed below are a few important ways in which you can take care of your mattress.

1. Rotating your mattress

Rotating your mattress

You should rotate the mattress on a regular basis from the top to the bottom. This helps in dealing the appearance of sags and valleys as a result of your body weight. If you keep changing your position on the mattress, it is obvious that it will last for longer than what you are expecting.

2. Using mattress pads

Covering your mattress is important especially if you want to protect it against the mortal enemies that include moisture, body oil, dust, and skin flakes. Leaving the mattress uncovered is a common way of ruining it well before time. Mattress pads are available in the market and they do not come with plastic covers anymore. They are a lot more breathable and comfortable. Most of the pads are resistant of dust mites. Ensure that you are washing your mattress at least three times each year for keeping it fresh.

3. Do not jump on your bed

Do not jump on your bed

It has been observed that both adults, as well as kids, treat their beds like trampolines at certain times. Many people also stand on the bed for hanging a picture or reaching a shelf. This should not be done as the weight of the body cannot be supported by the mattress. This shortens the life of the mattress to a great extent. Avoid using your bed as a support if you want to reach a particular height. This will ensure that your mattress remains in a proper condition for long.

4. Do not let your pets sleep underneath the bed

When your furry friends sleep under your bed, fur deposits towards the bottom of the mattress. This can cause allergies and infections in the long run. You can offer a comfortable and cozy bed to your pet so that both of you can sleep in a better manner.

5. Clean the mattress regularly

Clean the mattress regularly

Mattresses require periodic cleaning exactly like all the other parts of your house. Try to clean the mattress at least two to three times each season. Strip the bed of its covers and then you should vacuum your mattress with the help of the upholstery tool of your vacuum cleaner. You can also sprinkle baking soda for removing strong odors. To gain more knowledge on how you can take care of your newly purchased mattresses, please visit https://www.countingsheep.net.

6. Do not keep your mattress in a dark place

Ensure that your mattress is exposed to sunlight and fresh air in order to keep it free from odor and the dust mites. When you are giving your bed sheets and pillow covers to the laundry, try to let the mattress out in the open air for three to four hours.


Mattresses are very costly and it is important that you take a proper care. If you follow all the tips that are mentioned above, you can be assured that there will hardly be any sags and valleys, and you will not wake up with tingling, stiffness, or body ache.