The Perfect Quilts to Gift Your Loved Ones Abroad


Staying away from family, relatives, friends or anyone you love, who is based abroad, is not easy. It often makes you want to send them tokens of your love, gifts that remind them of you. Sending sweets, ethnic clothing or pictures is a good idea but if you want to send them something that would bring them comfort while they’re away from home and you, quilt sets are just the right thing. When you buy quilts online for them, however, picking the best looking ones from among the quilts for sale isn’t enough. You need the gift to mean something – it is the thought that counts after all. Here are a few ideas for the quilts you can gift them.

Reversible Quilts

reversible comforter

Solid coloured quilts are the safest to pick in case you aren’t sure about the kind of pattern they would like. You could, however, pick reversible quilts with vibrant and contrasting shades on either side of them, such as the ones available at SPACES. They will add instant warmth and intimacy to the home of your loved one.

Ethnic Print Quilts

ethnic comforter

Being away from your country makes you miss it and teaches you to value it. Gifting them a quilt in bright colours and a lovely ethnic design will make them feel closer to home. Apart from that, it will liven up their living space and make it look festive even on regular days.



When you buy quilts online for your loved ones abroad, you might want to take into account the weather of the place they live in. If they live in a hot place with sunny weather all year round, such as New Zealand, Florida or Dubai, you might want to look at summer quilts for sale online. Dohar is a light, summer quilt that will keep them cool and comfortable. SPACES offers dohars in a wide variety of colours and patterns for you to choose from.

Personalised Quilts

Personalised Quilts

Few gifts are as thoughtful as personalised quilt sets with pictures of your loved ones or funny and sweet messages on them. These quilts add instant charm to their room and the lucky ones abroad to receive your gift will think of you every single time they use it.

Hygro Cotton Quilts

Hygro Cotton Quilts

If your loved ones live in a hot place, you can gift them dohars and if they live in a cold place, you can gift them thicker quilts. If they live in a place with extremes of temperature or unpredictable weather, however, you can get confused when you buy quilts online for them. Quilts made of Hygro cotton, a hollow core yarn developed from an advanced technology, are the perfect choice in such cases. These quilts regulate body temperature, which means that they will keep your loved ones warm in winters and cool in summers. They also get softer with multiple washes, which makes them a really thoughtful gift. You can find premium quality Hygro cotton quilts at SPACES.

Now, you can buy quilts online for your loved ones abroad and show them how much you care for them. Quilt sets also make a great gift choice because they last longer. You can narrow down your search by looking at the quilts for sale at and adding filters such as size, fabric, colour and pattern. Send your loved ones abroad some comfort as a gift.