5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Wellness Journal


Health and wellness can be a constant struggle for some people. Even when we feel like we are doing well we may feel like our progress is not there. Thankfully, there is a practice that is popular among nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness coaches that help get them into the right mindset every day, a wellness journal. A wellness journal can help you in a whole number of ways that you may not have realized until you start recording your own!

Focus And Clarify Your Fitness Goals

Sometimes when we begin working out or eating healthier, we may have abstract goals like, “eat healthier”. However, this goal is not helpful in making sure you are achieving something, long-term. When you have a wellness journal you will be able to keep your focus in mind daily, tracking the steps you are working on to achieve your goals. Over time you may find yourself looking to set new goals or confused about how a workout is helping you get there. A wellness journal sets a clear path.

Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

By having a wellness journal you will be able to see where you want to go and where you came from. It is very common for people to lose sight of this when they are in the midst of working towards a goal. They may not see the progress or remember where they started, but with a wellness journal, you can easily refer back to day one. When you could only perform a few push-ups or bench press half of what you are lifting now!

Tracking your progress is mostly about encouragement and challenging yourself. It is your daily reminder that you are in fact making progress, making the future a whole lot brighter.

Plan Rest Days

When we get on that workout high, we may be eager to do everything at once. Workout every day for hours on end, but at some point fatigue will hit. When it does we can quickly become discouraged and fall off track. One way to prevent this is by planning for rest days. Rest days help you set a pace and give your body the time it needs to recover. This is also important in preventing injury. Most injuries take place among those who are just starting out, so rest days are crucial for those individuals.

Understand Your Habits

When you workout and track what you do every day you will be able to see your habits from a high-level view. Maybe you perform better early in the week, why is that? Do you enjoy your workouts more in the morning? Seeing these sorts of trends allow you to better analyze your habits and what you could improve on. Ultimately helping you all around!

Track All Your Wellness

Tracking your wellness does not necessarily stop at fitness. You can track your sleep, nutrition, and mood. Noticing these patterns is one way to simply improve your overall health. Analyze your progress and make adjustments so you always feel your best.

A wellness journal may not always appear like the obvious choice when it comes to finding ways to improve your health, but it is one of the best ways to get in tune with your body. You will begin to understand why you feel the way you feel sometimes, andbe able to make, even simple changes, that can improve your entire lifestyle.