Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Water Filter


A wide array of drinking water filtrations systems is available on the market. All differ in size, shape, price, functionality, features, and brand make, and model. With so many variables to consider you may sometimes find it difficult to compare between Aquaox vs Aquasana and buy the one that you need. However, installing a water purifier is essential even if the municipal authorities supply it after filtration on an industrial level.

You may choose an ordinary system or an RO water purifier, but the ulterior motive should be consuming water that is free from germs, microbes, viruses and disease-causing bacteria.

Features In Modern Filters

Features In Modern Filters

Considering all available types of modern filters, there are even a few specific types of water filters that use multistage filtration process to ensure healthier and fresher water.

This specific feature enables these machines to remove rust, cyst, bacteria, and sand that are commonly found in tap water. Even harmful chemicals and dissolved salts that are hazardous to your health are also removed from the water.

This eliminates the chances of diarrhea, dysentery and other water-borne diseases. Modern day water purifiers are also specially engineered to heavy metals and even the tiniest of microbes.

The Essential Features

When you sift through the modern day water purifiers looked at the following essential features:

  • The UV Process: The Ultraviolet process is a crucial feature of all water filtration systems. This feature removes and disinfects water from deadly viruses and bacteria. However, you should know that UV is ineffective on the sediments and particulates or other mineral contaminants in the water. These require different methods of filtration.
  • The RO Process: Reverse Osmosis process is the latest technology used in water purification. This process is very effective in removing ions, molecules and larger particles from the water. RO purifiers also retain the essential minerals in the water thereby making it healthier and tastier as well.
  • The UF Process: Ultrafiltration method of purification is effective in removing all the physical impurities from the water. These include sand, mud, dust, pollen, and others. There is a bed of carbon-based filters, and the water is passed through it during this process of filtration to remove the chemical impurities.

Retaining Power Of Essential Minerals

Retaining Power Of Essential Minerals

Retaining the essential minerals in the water is crucial. Therefore when you choose makes sure that you know about the working process of the filter as there are even a few RO water purifiers that remove the natural and necessary minerals from the water. This makes the water tasteless and less healthy.

Make sure that you choose a water purifier that has all RO, UV, UF and TDS controllers to ensure the health benefits and tastes retained in water.

Rely On Renowned Manufacturers

Lastly and most importantly, you must always buy water purifiers from a renowned manufacturer only. Any cheap variant will prove to be costly deteriorating your health and adding on your medical expenses. Installing a water filtration system is an investment aimed for your health which should never be compromised at any cost.

If you still need more information, this ultimate guide provides most of the necessary information in order to find out what is the best water filter system for you.