Top 5 Apps For Apple TV in 2018


After I cut the cord, I decided to go with the Apple TV as I’m an admitted Apple addict. Their product line is exceptional as the new Apple TV is no exception. Similar to the iOS store, there is now a TvOS store with apps, but for television which is sweet.

Here are my favorite APPLE TV apps:

5. Netflix


I know this is an obvious one but it’s easier to navigate and find content with the Apple TV remote vs. my usual Samsung.  Plus with the Apple TV, my content is all in one place.

4. YouTube


I can watch all of my favorite YouTube stars on the Apple TV without having to use AirPlay or need website access.

3. GrubHub


While you Netflix and chill while you have to eat, download the GrubHub app.  Directly from the TV, you can check out local restaurants and order right from the TV app.   You can also visualize the food which makes it unique.

2. White Noise

White Noise

A little meditation can certainly go a long way.  This is the only paid app on the list which is 99 cents.  You can stream the noise throughout your home or office and allows you cut out other annoying sounds you may hear.  I play this app almost 10-12 hours a day.

1. Living Sage Plastic Surgery Network

Living Sage Plastic Surgery Network

I came across this app as it’s the only aesthetically focused app, on the Apple TV platform. It’s pretty much the YouTube for Plastic Surgery. I can view surgical and non-surgical options with content directly from the providers themselves, such as nose jobs, botox, and liposuction.  I also am addicted the operating room videos. They also have a website: or can be found in the TvOs store through a simple search for Plastic Surgery.