Top Ethical Clothing Lines to Watch in 2018


We’re all becoming more aware of the effect our actions have on our planet and its people. And the fashion world is responding. Brands are catering to their increasingly switched-on consumers by making the move towards ethical fashion.

Sustainable production, fair trade and environmentally-friendly fabrics are all becoming more and more important. And the best part? There’s no need to sacrifice on style – we can do our bit and still look fabulous!

Here’s the list of the top ethical clothing lines in 2018:

1. La Petite Mort

La Petite Mort

Peruvian designer, Andrea, is the founder of this eco-conscious brand. She uses natural alpaca fibres to produce beautifully soft, 100% biodegradable fabrics. Her team of clothes manufacturers are all Peruvian women from her homeland and she is committed to ethical practices and zero waste. We love her signature turbans – ideal for disguising a bad hair day with style!

2. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Stella has long been an outspoken advocate of animal welfare and sustainable fashion. Her unique designs steer clear of leather and fur, making them ideal for vegetarians. This 2017, she is supporting the Clevercare campaign, which encourages us all to care for and keep our clothing to reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Maison Makarem

Maison Makarem

This luxurious brand creates their collections in a traditional mill in Italy. Sustainable materials are a must and taking control of their own production means they can stick to high ethical standards. Their couture style takes gorgeously delicate silks and transforms them into dramatic pieces, such as high-waisted trousers and asymmetric blouses with real impact.  



OK, this one isn’t a clothing line per se but this online retailer is leading the way in bringing you luxury fashion with a conscience. YOOX showcase a wide array of clothing from top international designers – and they take their sustainability responsibilities seriously. A commitment to reducing their environmental impact and reporting on it in a transparent way is key. They have also just launched a #YOOXlovestheReef clothing line that will raise money for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. We like their thinking!

5. Fat Face

Fat Face

This funky brand puts workers’ rights and ethical production at the heart of their company. Their Code of Conduct ensures that all of their designs are made by workers who have been treated fairly when it comes to working conditions and pay. A breath of fresh air on the high street.

6. People Tree

People Tree

This growing brand is making its mark on the ‘Slow Fashion’ market. Their lines are created in a way which values sustainability and longevity over speed and fleeting trends. Their timeless garments are made to last and you can rest easy knowing that they have been ethically produced. Fabrics are woven by hand, which cuts down on carbon emissions and creates jobs in the developing world.

7. Patagonia


One for the outdoorsy girls here. Patagonia’s line of sports and adventure clothing keeps the principles of ethical design close. Their supply chain is overseen at all stages to make sure fair working conditions are in place and the brand’s aim is to “use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”



Bono’s fashion brand is all about creating luxurious designs by developing partnerships with African designers and manufacturers. They often work at a community level to build long-term and sustainable trade links. Their colourful but elegant designs are pretty inspirational to boot.

9. Minna


Calling all eco-conscious brides-to-be! The future of wedding dress design is ethical. This gorgeous Finnish brand uses local manufacturing and handcrafting zero-waste techniques to bring you eco-friendly wedding dresses that are as dreamy and romantic as they are sustainable. Inspired by the English countryside, they’re the perfect choice for relaxed garden weddings.

Beautiful and sustainable – that’s how we want our fashion. Do you have any favourite ethical clothing brands to add to the list?