Modest Swimwear Styles for 2017


Swimming is one of the best activities, which allows us to stay fresh while enjoying the sun. For girls and women who prefer dressing modestly, swimming is no exception. Whether we’re hitting the beach or just heading out to chill at the pool, a modest outfit is a part of us that we can just not let go.  While a modest swimsuit is a must have for summers, finding one is undoubtedly a struggle.

So what modest swimwear options do we have? What pops up in most people’s minds is either a fully covered swimsuit known as “burkini” or simply jeans and t-shirts. But the truth is that there are hundreds of other options and all you need is a little dedication and creativity.

Cute and Casual

Starting with the simplest outfits, try wearing footless tights with your swimsuits and if you find the tights too revealing, you can layer them with a skirt or even long shorts. Many of you might feel that skirts in usual fabrics like cotton get too clingy while swimming so you can instead opt for denim skirts which look great and are less clinging but they tend to get heavier when wet. If you wish to avoid this problem too, then another great idea is to use swimwear fabric and online DIY tutorials. Such tutorials allow you to make the perfect swimming skirt that would be according to your standards of modesty since you can keep it as long or as short as you want.

Modestly Chic

You can find longer swim trunks in many stores including Walmart. These trunks are not just modest but also affordable, comfortable and fun to wear. The fun part comes from wearing these trunks with chic tank tops or tees. You can always layer them with floral or printed kimonos. Wearing these outfits will make you realise that modesty and style can always go together.

Add a Cover-Up

Cover-ups don’t just look great but they are the simplest solution for turning any swimwear into a modest one. You don’t always have to look for an expensive cover ups in the swimming departments since there are so many other wardrobe pieces that you can use such as kaftans, cardigans, gowns, maxis, shirt dresses or even long sleeved tees. The trend of wearing innovative cover-ups for the beach is in full swing so don’t miss out on it.

Must Try Bottoms

While it’s relatively easier to find long sleeved shirts or tops for swimming, most women find it hard to decide on modest bottoms. While we have already discussed skirts as a great option, there are many others that you can try for a timeless look. One such alternative would be to go for harem pants since they come in loose fittings and cutest prints and colours, which can bring life to any swim shirt. You can also wrap a shirt or a colourful graphic sarong around your waist for a fun take on traditional swimwear. Other options include wide legged pants, bermuds shorts, Aladdin pants and culottes. Pair up your bottoms with funky sandals, slides or flip flops. If you’re looking to add some length you can even go for wedges or flat forms.

So if you’re a modest fashionista who loves swimming then remember that you are not alone. There are a huge range of not just modest fashion brands but outfit ideas too that you can use to create a beautiful and modest look for yourself. So stay modest and keep inspiring others with your impeccable sense of style.