Do Waist Trimmers Really Work?


Losing weight is a really hard process, it requires tons of dedication not to mention hard-work, and I am sure that there are many people out there who are waited with bated breath for an easier way to shed some of those pounds.

Well you can stop holding your breath, because waist trimmers are here! 

Waist trimmers are devices used to assist with easier, more effortless lose weight, and are supported and used by a number of celebrities, who all swear by it.

waist trimmers for weight loss

But the question is, do waist trimmers really work, or are they just 19th century devices invented to torture women. Honestly the jury is still out on that, but continue reading as I am about to shed some light on these wondrous weight loss devices.

Initially waist trimmers (which are very similar to corsets) were used to enhance the curves of a women as they do well to taper the waist, thereby enhancing the bust and booty region, creating an almost ethereal curved figure. In more recent times these trimmers are used to help with weight loss in the belly region.

Waist trimmers are made from high quality, comfortable and durable materials like neoprene, which is a great thermal conductor. They also contain a number of hooks and straps to ensure that they are fit on as tightly as required. 

There are a number of benefits of using a waist trimmer, as if they are used under tight clothes, they immediately shed of a few pounds, and enhance your figure thereby giving you that sleek hourglass look. However if you are looking for a more permanent weight loss solution or a faster way to shed those pounds, then you would have to actively work with your waist trimmer, it is sort of a give and take situation. 

You would know that when you work out your body temperature immediately increases causing you to sweat, and you know that when you sweat, you lose weight. These waist trimmers work by compressing your abdomen and then actively increasing your core temperature thereby allowing for the shedding of fat (it is like when you put a stick of butter into a hot skillet, the higher the temperature the faster the butter belts down).

Further they help retain core temperature, and this allows for you to lose more weight for a longer period of time, as your body is constantly in this “heated” fat shedding state.

Waist trimmers are also great to use post pregnancy, be it to work out or just to use as an additional abdominal compression device. After pregnancy you are likely to have a-lot of excess weight due to stretched skin. A waist trimmer is great in these cases as they assist with the “excess skin” by compressing the abdomen, thereby creating a more natural figure. Essentially this compressing assists in the long run as it helps the body adjust back to its normal shape.waist trimmer benefitsThere are a number of other benefits to using a waist trimmer, Due to them being so well fitting they assist with spinal support, they allow for the spin to retain it’s natural shape thereby assisting with posture thereby making you appear taller, and it is a known fact that the taller you look, the slimmer you appear.

With such a wide range if waist trimmers currently on the market, you may ask yourself, “which is the best waist trimmer“. It is very important to note that not all waist trimmer are made the same, as they vary as per your body shape and size. Generally the best waist trimmers are made from premium grade neoprene and are rather lightweight

When purchasing a waist trimmer bear in mind that they “NEED” to be tight. Generally waist trimmers with hooks hold better and are more effective than trimmers with straps, but it is totally at your discretion, because remember you need to be comfortable in your trimmer, as it is likely going to be your new bestie.

However it should be noted that even though waist trimmers are meant to be worn tight, they should never hinder your breathing. If so and in these cases, your waist trimmer is likely too small for you or it is fitted too tightly and either needs to be replaced or loosened.


So Do Waist Trimmers Work? All in all and from the facts presented above it is easy to see that waist trimmers do work, and are extremely beneficial in the weight loss process, more especially so for the belly fat.