10 Superfoods To Lose Your Belly Fat


We’ve all heard that weight loss is 30 percent excercise and 70 percent your diet. Your fitness depends a lot on your daily workout but what you you eat contributes as well. Weight loss is a simple formula – eat fewer calories than you burn. All of us desire for a healthy and fit body. And the belly fat doesn’t really look nice. Everyone is rushing for gym and aerobics for a flat belly. You might have given up on tasty foods for the same reason! But what if I say that you no more need to spoil your taste buds? Yes! Today’s post is about 10 tasty foods which will help you reduce your tummy fat. No, they don’t have any supernatural powers that will shorten your waist instantly, but will increase your metabolism and keep you full for longer hours with less calorie intake so that you eat less calories throughout the day. Less calories is less weight gain!

So here is the list of 10 superfoods that will help reduce your belly fat:-

  1. Almonds and Other Nuts

You must be wondering how these small nuts can satisfy your hunger. According to a proven survey, eating 20-25 almonds a day will keep you full for a long time and keeping you slim at the same time (eat almond in its pure form). They contain healthy amounts of fiber which helps to curb your hunger. Also, it provides a healthy glow to your skin and makes you full of energy. They are low in calories which makes them the perfect and quick healthy snack for weight loss. So keep swapping new nuts everyday!


  1. Berries

These tasty, sweet and mouth watering raspberries will not only make your day but will also keep you slim. These little berries are full of fibre which will keep your tummy full for hours and will keep you active throughout the day. They are so many – raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries which are rich in antioxidants which helps your body to fight against the illness and diseases.


  1. Watermelon

I personally love this one! These red coloured, mouth watering and big juicy giant balls will not only satisfy your taste buds, but will also make your body fit and refreshing. It contains 92% of water which will make you full for a few hours. The amount of calories present in watermelon is pretty low as compared to other foods, and so is beneficial for weight loss. Also it removes the excess sodium present in your body. So, choosing watermelon over junk food can help you save a lot of calories and thus helping in weight loss.


  1. Beans

Beans is the most essential one! They are low on calories and high in fibre. So, it reduces your body fat, develop your body muscles and is a very good source of protein and fiber. It makes your body lean and replaces all your fat with fibre. They are rich in protein which fills you up with good nutritious value and helps prevent the cravings of after-meal snacks. You can prepare delicious items using beans. Either add it to your salad or have it as a main course meal.


  1. Green Vegetables

So, veggies can be the best thing for you if you want to lose belly fat fast. These green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and spinach are fully loaded with essential vitamins and fibre and hardly contain calories. Its raw taste might not attract you, but you can prepare so many good recipes from them. Include them in your diet and you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes. It also improves your digestion and are very good for your eye-sight. It works as a gin (Not talking about the drink, I’m talking about alladin’s gin :p). Seriously, try it and feel the difference!


  1. Cheese

It is not shocking! I am talking about Parmigiano – Reggiano cheese which is very healthy. The good news is that it is low in fat and sodium and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Dairy products are the main source of calcium in your diet which helps in building strong and healthy bones. Switch to low fat cheese like parmesan which only adds 22 calories and 1 gram fat per tablespoon. Its rich in calcium and protein which will help your body metabolise fat. Also it will keep you full for a long time. But watch out on its intake. Take one ounce daily.


  1. Iced Tea

This originally made-in-India drink will not only refresh you, but will also speed up your metabolism rate. Switch to iced green tea over iced black tea as it has more weight loss benefits and will make you more active and speedy. Many people don’t like its taste, so you can try tulsi flavour of organic India green tea. So burning calories is now as simple as a sip!


  1. Peanut Butter

Well, I’m a big fan of peanut butter! This delicious food is not limited to its taste but also helps in reducing weight. You might be lucky if you’re a peanut butter eater! One serving of peanut butter is packed with 2 g of fiber and 8 g of protein which makes you full for the longer period which in turn prevents over-eating. So you eat less that way! They also contain healthy fats which are good for your body. Do watch out your daily intake for this food as it contains 180-200 calories per serving which might be just enough for the day!


  1. Eggs

These superfoods contain bits of almost every nutrient that our body needs. Eggs being the most nutritious food contains lots of vitamins including vitamin D, B6, B12, B2, B5 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. Eggs are the best source to shed some extra pounds as they are naturally very low in calories which limits our calorie intake for the rest of the day. Make sure to have at least one egg on a daily basis since they are the most inexpensive source of protein and healthy fats that one can get!


  1. Oatmeal

If one looks out for the healthiest breakfast, oatmeal is surely the one! Packed with loads of healthy carbs and fibers, it makes your stomach full for hours keeping you away from tempting cravings and munching all day long. They are very affordable and promote weight loss. So, incorporate this healthy snack in your diet since they make the best meal adding so much of nutritional value. Avoid flavoured oatmeals and sugary toppings as they add lots of calories.


Aside from different types of food, there are herbal medicines too which are for weight-conscious people, and guess what? Others may think it’s bad, but smoking weed can actually help you lose weight. For example, Cannabis.

So, don’t starve, don’t binge. Eat right, excersise a lot and you’ll get there! Do what you have to do for yourself. I hope this article helps you as much as it did to me. Do let me know if you’ve started on this healthy diet.