Most Effective Workouts For Weight Loss & Toning Your Body


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An effective weight loss requires dedication and hardwork. You need to get out of your lazy beds if you aim for a slim and healthy body. Exercises are not only meant for fat people, but is so much important for each and every individual to lead a healthy and happy life. And for those who wish to reduce that extra fat from their body, you need to work on a little harder to get those extra benefits. Your workout can be anything, be it a dance class, a brisk walk, a treadmill run or anything that gives you happiness as well as results. But its important to go in the right direction to get maximum benefits in less time. Just read on below to know the most effective workouts that are proven to give you results and get you a slim and fit body if performed with dedication.

Most Effective Exercises For Weight Loss


The word ‘Cardio’ is a short form of ‘cardiovascular’, a term associated with heart and blood vessels in your body. It is the most crucial workout for weight loss and improving overall health of the body. Cardio exercises fire up your metabolism and heart rate which are vital to your weight loss. Cardio can be done in numerous ways, like biking, swimming, dancing, running, a treadmill workout or anything that makes your heart rate to about 50-75% of your maximum heart rate.

A great cardio workout make your muscles move, increases your heart beat and helps pump more blood to your system. You can vary your intensity while performing this workout, as for beginners, go for low intensity and slowly increase your duration and intensity to build more stamina. You can either go for a 10-20 minutes of intense cardio, or 25-45 minutes of low intensity cardio (this would be the maximum to avoid any injuries). For those who’ve just started out, go for a 10 minutes moderate intensity cardio workout to warm up your muscles.

So, it will be a smart strategy to incorporate cardio in your daily workout as it is extremely effective in weight loss and improves your overall health. The more you move, more calories you burn!

Running at the fitness club


Pushups is a great exercise that works for your complete body. Whether you’re looking out for muscle strength, fitness or weight loss, pushups are very beneficial for all of them. They are the best exercise to lose upper arm fat since it targets your upper body muscles.

For beginners, just start out with the knee pushups first and gradually come up to the proper pushups. For this, you need to lie down flat facing the ground. Then gradually lift your body with the help of your hands and feet forming the starting position. This will be your one pushup and you’ll come back to the original position. Do this repetition for 30 seconds and gradually increase your repetitions based upon your strength. This exercise will strengthen your arms and tone up your chest muscles.

pushups exercise


Squats are so much good for your thighs and butt muscles. They help in toning the lower body and target the leg muscles. They are really easy to do since you don’t need any equipment to perform them and is solely done by your body. For this exercise, you need to stand straight with your legs a little wide. Bring your hands forward in a straight position and slowly bend downwards in a perfect squat. Try to bend as much as you can to form a nice and deep squat with practice. Doing it regularly will help shape up your lower body thereby adding to an effective weight loss.

squats exercise


Every trainer will get you do lunges at one point of time as they are an excellent exercise for strengthening and building leg muscles. While they are helpful for leg muscles, they also target your thighs, lower back, abdomen and buttocks. They help in toning your lower back muscles and providing strength to your legs. It is required to do lunges for a proper posture and you’ll be able to see benefits very soon.

For this exercise, you need to stand straight with your one leg forward and other backward keeping a wide gap in your legs. Now, bend down both the knees to form a lunge posture where you’ll exert more pressure on your front leg and slowly come up to your original position. Now repeat this exercise with alternate leg putting forward and do repetitions with both the legs.

lunges exercise



Crunches are a wonderful exercise to build your abdominal muscles and can be done anywhere without any equipment. They work mainly on your abs and is the best exercise for those aiming at six-pack abs! To perform this exercise, lie flat on the ground with knees bent and hands behind your head in such a way that both the thumbs are places behind your ears. Now, tilt your chin slightly and keep enough space between your chest and chin. Gently roll your head, neck and abdomen area inwards to about 4 inches while keeping your lower body flat on the ground. Hold this position for a moment and get back down slowly. Follow some repetitions for this exercise and gradually increase your repetitions once you get comfortable with it.

crunches exercise


Doing plank in the starting of the workout will warm up your body and stabilize your core muscles. They are undoubtedly the best exercise for building abs and core strength. While crunches work only on the front and side muscles of the abdomen, planks help in building more defined abs and target the lower body muscles (lower back, hips and thighs) also.

Lie down straight facing the ground keeping your legs a bit wide apart. Then place your hands in the front of the body near your chest and lift your body along with hips and legs and balance on your toes. Try to hold your body straight like a plank with the help of your elbows and toes for at least 30-45 seconds. Now rest your body on the ground and again do this repetition. Increase your timing gradually as you gain more flexibility.

plank exercise


This is one such thing which helps you in losing weight quite fast. Similar like jumping, skipping is the simplest and the most entertaining exercise that you can do at your home without having to go to the gym. Initially, it can be a bit tiring, but trust me you gain a lot of stamina as you do it on a regular basis. Start with doing it for 30 seconds and slowly increase your duration. Try to do with both the legs for maximum benefits while keeping your back straight. Play loud music when you do it at home to make it more enjoyable and keeping it for long. Try variations in this exercise like doing with one leg or if you’re going to gym, do 50-100 stepper counts or simply do jumping exercise for an effective weight loss.

skipping exercise

Stretching Exercises For Weight Loss

Along with the above exercises, there are some stretching exercises which helps in the weight loss and toning up your entire body muscles. These are very simple to do and can be done quickly just with your own body weight.

W Leg Lifts

This is the power-packed exercise which works on your abs and legs. It is undoubtedly the best exercise to lose lower body fat and belly fat too. Just lie down straight on the mat facing upwards while resting your hands at the side. Now, lift both the legs straight and bring it to close your belly. Slowly bring them down, rest for a moment and do it again. Start with 10 repetitions in the beginning as you might feel some pressure on your tummy and legs. Go slow and incorporate this in your regular workout to gain maximum benefits!

w leg lifts exercise

Superman Exercise

This is an excellent stretching exercise for your lower back, thighs and abs. It is also a form of the yoga exercise that helps you get relief from the back pain. Lie down straight on the mat facing the ground. Now, lift your body and raise your one arm and opposite leg straight in such a way that your one knee and one hand is rested on the ground. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then exhale and come back. Similarly, do it with the alternate arm and leg and it should look as if your are a superman.

superman exercise 2

Bridge Exercise

Bridge exercise specifically targets lower back and core muscles. It is a great workout for hips, glutes, harmstrings and even improves your balance. Lie down on the mat with knees bent and feet on the floor. Keep your hands at the sides and lift your body upwards by pressing your feet. Hold for 10 seconds, then exhale and relax your body to its original position. Do few repetitions to see benefits out of this exercise. You can also do variations by extending one leg straight while doing the same lifting motion and alternately change your leg. Keep your hips parallel and go slow so you don’t hurt your back and neck.

bridge exercise

Workout With Weights

When its more about building muscle along with burning calories, the best way is to workout with weights. It helps in increasing your metabolism and sliming down faster. This kind of workout makes your body much healthier and fitter and you end up looking pretty good as well. There are several weight training exercises which are beneficial such as:-

  • Dumbell Exercises
  • Ball Exercises
  • Band Exercises
  • Barbell Exercises
  • Chest Exercises
  • Bicep Exercises
  • Tricep Exercises
  • Shoulder Exercises
  • Leg Exercises
  • Bowflex Exercises
  • Crossbow Exercises

workout with weights

So, do the workout you love and love the workout you do! All these exercises prove to be so much powerful if you perform them in the right direction. Try to include a good protein diet that supports your workout well. Consistency is the key to an effective weight loss, so its important to follow a strict regular workout to get a slim, taut body. So, eat well and exercise really well! I make sure to do my workout on time and what about you??