15 Best Hairstyles For Long Hair: Super Easy & Classy!


Hello Beauties!

Are you bored of your long hair? Have you ever been thinking of getting it short and then again admiring your long hair? It happens with me most of the times. Well said! The grass is always greener on the other side. But the beautiful thing about long hair is that they are so versatile and you can pretty much give any style to them with a little experience and practice. A perfect hairstyle can enhance your entire personality and boost up your confidence to an extent you cannot imagine! Choosing the right hairstyle which would suit your face and attire is the most important thing. So, I have complied a list of some cute and fabulous hairstyles for you to update your look.

Here are 15 best hairstyles for long hair. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!

1. Sleek High Ponytail With Smooth Finish

high ponytail with smooth finish

High ponytail never goes out of fashion and is always found as a great style statement to carry anywhere. It gives a very nice and pleasing impression and is the easiest updo for medium to long hair. Make it sleek at the back and smooth on the front and you’re ready to carry it to your dayout or prom!

2. Get A Hunny Bun

hunny bun 1

A perfectly done hunny bun looks really pretty with a cute summer dress. Take the help of a sock to shape the bun nicely. Keep it low or high as it suits your face and then finally spray your bun with a hairspray to keep it neat and firm.

3. Make It A Sleek Side Part


Taylor Swift is a true inspiration here! Give your hair a sleek and subtle side part to look glam and polished here! Give a polished look on one side and another one tucked behind the ear or keep it safe with some tic tacs. All you need is a good blow dryer, styling brush and a hairspray to get a super sexy and chic deep side part.

4. Carry Soft Waves

soft waves new

Beautiful soft waves are adored by everyone, be it red carpet beauties or everyday beauties like us! Giving you a retro as well as modern look, beautiful waves can instantly perk up your style! Soft waves gives a very natural appearance and always look elegant and polished. Brush out your hair if you’ve done tight curls to loosen them up and create pretty wavy hair!

5. Do Half Up and Half Down


Oh! This looks so pretty to the eyes and can’t just get my eyes off this one. The half up and half down is the the perfect ready-to-go hairstyle that you can carry to any occasion, be it a wedding or a party. This beautiful flowy hairstyle goes pretty well with all the dresses and can be done easily on all hair types.

6. Go With The Messy Side Braid


Miley Cyrus flaunts her messy side braid look and definitely gives a great inspiration with her cuteness and style. It is also the perfect go-to hairstyle for bad hair days and looks gorgeous on long hair. Braid the sections of your hair on one side completely and don’t pull too hard, just enough to loosen up a bit, giving you a messy look!

7. Make A Quick Cute Chignon


Now this is an interesting hairstyle which gives a care free, yet fashionable look. This is perfect for those who need to rush early and don’t want to spend much time styling their hair. For this, make a gap in your ponytail and twist it inwards for the first time, then twist it again and fix it with some bobby pins. Complete the look with a bow or flower and its done!

8. Get Stylish Tight Curls

tight curls

Is there anything more beautiful than bouncy and curly hair? Well, those with sleek and straight hair are always fond of the curls as they look so graceful. It is the perfect gorgeous hairstyle preferred by most for special occasions or parties since they add a charm to your whole look.

9. Cute Twisted Side Bun

Jennifer Lawrence Wears A Classy Side Bun

Nothing looks more elegant and graceful than a low side bun close to your ear. This looks best when done with the side parting. This requires only 5 minutes, some bobby pins and you’re ready to go! Compliment it with stylish earings to highlight your complete look.

10. Flaunt Your Crown Braid


American actress Hayden Panettiere looks glamorous as ever with a classic crown braid. I just love the way she carries her braided updo a bit further back on her head. The braid is so much defined and smooth and her makeup compliments her hairstyle so well. She truly is an inspiration that one just can’t get eyes off her!

11. Long Layers With Side Bangs

long layers wth side bangs

Want to give your long strands a stylish update? Go side bangs with long layers to give a stylish and chic look. Keep it straight on the top and lightly curled at the bottom to give a perfect glam look. This trendy and classy hairstyle works well for a night out or a date.

12. Messy Updo With Soft Side Swept Bang


This looks really sexy when done effortlessly. To get this messy updo, pull your hair back and secure them with bobby pins while leaving a few side strands of hair around the face. This beautiful updo gives a very charming look to your personality. Embrace your look with some cute accessories and you’re good to go!

13. Get Layers With Fringes


Fringes always give a very youthful appearance and yes, it requires real guts to get it done! Undoubtedly, it looks super pretty and also very cute. It is one of the most beautiful hairstyles especially for the ones who’re looking for a unique style update.

14. Make A High ponytail With Pouf and Hair Wrap


The actress Nina Dobrev looks just so cute in this! Though she always surprise us with her killer looks but the hairstyle she carries is definitely jaw-dropping. Smooth your hair and pull them back in a high ponytail. Wrap the base of ponytail with a thin section of your hair making a pouf on the front. And its ready!

15. Go With A Cute Front Braid


This is the perfect ready-to-go hairstyle for college goers and high school girls! It looks very pleasing to the eye and can be done very easily. Just side part your hair and let it flow through your shoulders. Now, tie up the front section of your hair in a French braid and secure it with bobby pins.

Well, these are some really pretty hairstyles that you can experiment with your long hair. So, get yourself inspired and dazzle your features by trying out any of the hairstyles you liked here. Do let me know which one is your favourite look amongst the above in the comments section.