Top Reasons Why You Should Get Inked


When Johnny Depp said “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story” we felt it. Tattoos are not just ‘fashion statements,’ and for a long time, people have inked both good times and wrong on the skin.

There are always two schools of thought when one thinks of getting inked. It’s pretty simple to ink oneself with children’s names and sports team’s crest. But when it comes to getting bae’s name, an inspirational quote or matching tattoos inked, that might backfire in future.

We consulted the tattoo experts at the Mystic Owl Tattoo in Atlanta, and they told us something about:

–    Figuring out whether you need a tattoo or not

–    Why you should get a tattoo, and

–    Why you shouldn’t.

Let’s jump into the tattoo-world and figure out why you should get inked or whether you shouldn’t. If you feel that you do, think no further than the Mystic Owl Tattoo in Atlanta!

Do I Need a Tattoo?

We often skip this question and start tattoo-shopping right away. But first, we have to ponder over the fact that whether we need a tattoo or not? Here are a few pointers to help you out:


Ask yourself this simple question—will I ever get bored of it? If you feel that you’ll never get tired of it, put it on your skin. If there’s a salt-grain worth of doubt, don’t. That’s as simple as it gets, for a start. It is imperative to see if a tattoo would ‘suit you’ or not. If you are unsure but still very interested in getting inked, get a temporary tattoo and see how it looks on you.

Second Opinions

Usually, we’d advise against the thought of second opinions, but when it comes to getting inked, your best friend or bae or sibling might give you ‘rational’ feedback. Yes, you have a thing for getting inked, and you are very determined, but a second opinion would bring new dimensions to your decision. That is why the second opinion is very crucial before getting a tattoo.

The Pain Dilemma

You can’t have the cake and eat it too. It takes some pain to get inked for real, and you need to take utmost care of your skin. We’ll get to these two points later as well, but you need to brace yourself for a month of intensive care and itching on the surface. The pain dilemma has many inkers in fear, and it is a very substantial factor in deciding on getting inked.

It Costs Money

In most cases, tattoo artists charge by the hour. It is fine craftsmanship, and steady hands that make tattoos alive, and tattoo artists keep their hand very stable for the best results. As if this wasn’t enough, it is a permanent tattoo, and it’s going to stay on forever, let alone the hygiene factor. Typically, a tattoo artist charges $100 to $300 an hour, and more complicated your tattoo is, the more time it takes.

It Stays on Forever

We don’t have to put it here, but sometimes we forget the obvious. Tattoos are not like your smart phone’s back cover, and they cannot be changed or removed WITHOUT pain. If you get bored of things quickly (fashion, partners, furniture, and smart phone’s back cover), then maybe you’d have to rethink the thought of inking something on your skin that cannot be changed or removed without risk of more skin troubles.

Now that you have figured out whether you need a tattoo or not let us present your reasons to support your decision. For a start, here’s why you should get inked.

Why should I get inked?

Let’s say that you’ve decided on getting inked and you need good reasons to back your thought. Here are some rock-solid reasons which would make you run to the tattoo-parlor right away:

Reminiscing the Good Times

Think about it—what was your drive to get inked? Wouldn’t it be awesome if 20 years from now, you look at your tattoo, and all those memories come rushing into your veins? Your heart skips a beat, all the good times playing right in front of your eyes and they’re running in your blood once again. We’ve seen people getting teary-eyed by looking at their tattoos, and that’s the beauty of it. One good look at your tattoo and you are back in the memory machine. Symbols bring back the good ol’ memories.

Self Confidence

Tattoos are not a fashion statement but a reminder of what drives you in life. It’s a scary world out there, and as human beings, we have to find ways to keep going, and tattoos remind us of why we started this expedition in the first place. No matter how hard the road gets, symbols give us self confidence to continue this journey called life.

The Expression of Love

We aren’t talking about getting your girlfriend’s name tattooed right after date #3, but love is the driving force for getting inked. Many tattoo artists say that more than half of people get inked out of affection, be it for their family, parents, children, or a happy couple getting matching tattoos.

However, there are plenty of good reasons why you shouldn’t get a tattoo. If you are determined enough, these won’t matter. But if you are unsure, give these a read.

–    Tattoos are permanent, and getting them off is painful.

–    It hurts to get a tattoo, at that moment and afterward

–    You might not like what you see, which would bring out immense regret.

Now that you know what it takes to get a tattoo, you can decide on the fact that whether you want to get inked or not. Who knows? You might get hooked to getting inked.

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