5 Ways To Spot Quality And Luxury Swim Wear


Finding a swimsuit that stands the test of time will be largely down to the quality of the material and the way in which it was designed. If you want to know how to look for the best of the best, this article will provide the signs to luxury swimwear.

Knowing your swim wear is high quality isn’t just down to the price tag. In fact, there are many smaller details you should look out for when searching for luxury beach wear for women.

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First things first, looking at the reputation of a luxury brand is a must. Get to know their current happy customers, look for reviews, Facebook testimonials and Instagram comments. They should have several happy customers if they are offering luxury swim wear.

In the meantime, during your search, follow the below signs when deciphering whether the swim wear you’re about to buy is high quality or not.

How Do I Know My Swim Wear Is High Quality?

Swim wears can be tricky to buy. They are either too big, too tight, too frumpy, too plain, too cheap-looking; the list goes on. When you opt for luxury swimsuits however, there’s nothing worse than ending up with something you didn’t think was worth the money.

1. It’s in the fabric

Smart fabrics are great for high quality and luxury swim wear.  When the fabric is great, it will cling to your body in just the right way. Elastane (nylon) and spandex (lycra) is the best combination of materials for quality swim wear. It’s best to stay away from anything that is a combination of polyester. Lycra not only keeps for longer but it will keep the suit looking brand new even months down the line and after a lot of wear.

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2. Look for Microfiber

If you are going super luxurious, you may see the term microfiber crop up. This is great as it means it will provide you with some UV protection whilst you surf the waves and strut your stuff. It also dries quicker than most materials.

3. Ensure it Stretches 

The swim wear shouldn’t contain lots of white fibers if you try to stretch it. To double check this, pull the material one way and then the other. It should go back to the shape quickly. This is a sign it won’t lose shape when the chorine and chemicals get to it which is also the sign of a quality swimsuit.

4. Check it has good lining

The swimsuit should have no parts of material hanging down. The lining should be solid and sewn to the entire suit.

Image Source: Pexels

5. Zig Zag Stitches 

The stitching should go in a zig zag formation rather than in a straight line as this means it will hold better and won’t undo.