4 Best Valentine’s Gifts That Every Guy Secretly Wants


Valentine’s Day is all about the romance, buying cute squishy toys or candy hearts. Or is it really? What do guys feel about the holiday and what gifts would they rather receive? I am sure that you have some idea already, but some of the answers we came up with were unexpected.

In this post, we will go through the four Valentine’s Gifts that every guy wants. We went out and asked a few guys what they really wanted. Believe it or not, they didn’t all say anything as crass as a blowjob. Sex did come up in general, though.

Most guys would like to spend the whole day with their significant others.

Here are our top four picks.

1. A Great Watch

A Great Watch

A watch has benefits for both of you – it will always be appreciated and he will never have an excuse to be late again.

2. Spend the Day Together

Spend the Day Together

This can start off in the bedroom with a quickie. Then you could cook breakfast for the two of you wearing nothing but an apron. And, by cooking, we do mean that pouring cereal does count.

The rest of the day would be spent cuddling, going for walks, watching movies, etc. Anything that you would normally not have the time to do. Taking time out to come home for a nooner, of course.

3. Plan the Day

Plan the Day

There is a lot of pressure on the guys to come up with the perfect romantic date, the perfect gift, etc. This makes Valentine’s Day a lot less fun for them. Make it your gift to plan the whole date out, get the sensual body massage oils and the wine and make it, so they don’t have to do any guessing at all.

4. Doing Things that He Likes

The emphasis on Valentine’s Day is usually on doing everything for the ladies. That’s why we have chocolates, teddies, flowers, etc. Why not change things up this year a bit and do something that your guy would love?

Like, for example, taking him camping overnight, or going to his favorite restaurant. Or blowing the budget on food that you both love but never seem to get around to buying.

Doing Things that He Likes

The key, when it comes to choosing the best Valentine’s Day gift for your partner is to think carefully about what you know they like. Plan your day around making them happy. If they are happy, you should have more fun with everything yourself as well.

If the idea of focusing just on your partner leaves you feeling as though you are missing out on something, you could always make an agreement with them that the next year would be different. The next year it would be their turn to blow you away.

Whatever way you do decide to go, the key to making it a special day for both of you is to make sure that you both have some input when it comes to activities. If one partner is especially unhappy, they should be able to veto a particular activity.