Jay Diamondz is The Diva You Wish You Could Be


At DivasWorld, we appreciate when someone treats themselves right and adds a pop of glamour to our world. If they have musical talent that we can all enjoy, all the better, right? Lately, we’ve been hearing some buzz about Jay Diamondz, one of the newest dance and pop artists to hit the scene.

His first single, “Shining Bodies,” dropped fairly recently, and has already gotten positive remarks in the indie pop scene. The Washington D.C-based artist has quickly gained influence in surrounding states due to his catchy beats, soulful vocals, and his excellent stage presence. New Theory magazine even called him one of the newest breakout artists to watch for 2018 because of his musical talent.

Jay DiamondzBut let’s be real, that’s not the only reason we’re loving him. Once you see his sense of style via his music video, you’ll understand why our fandom for him transcends the music and also spreads into his glitzy, glamorous, and downright statement-worthy sense of fashion.

In the “Shining Bodies” music video, Jay Diamondz shows his inner diva with gorgeous leather jackets, black mesh shirts, and jeans that would have made Daang Goodman turn green with envy. His hair harkens back to the 80s glam rock movement—as does his KISS-like facial makeup.

The music video’s cutscenes are even more glamorous. Gorgeous models covered in glitter, color gel lighting, and plenty of extremely good looking people made “Shining Bodies” an all-you-can-eat buffet of eye candy. We approve, and wholeheartedly so!

But, enough about his excellent aesthetics. Let’s talk about the statement that Diamondz makes by choosing to have his stage persona so intertwined with his unique sense of style. What really sets Jay Diamondz apart from most other male pop stars is the fact that he’s daring enough to show that men can be beautiful too.

Seriously. Think about what kind of a statement Jay Diamondz makes just by showing his inner flair for fashion through his stage presence. When was the last time you saw a male pop star who was so comfortable being glitzy, glittery, and not only fashionable—but himself? We’re willing to guess that it wasn’t any time recently.

So, we at DivasWorld salute you, Jay. You prove that being your own person while you take on the music industry will always be a winning strategy. We can all respect that.