5 Reasons to Wear a Romper to Prom


“And the prom queen is…” Whether your entire high school career is devoted to being the high school prom queen or not, you may be the girl who wants to be crowned “best dressed” instead. With such an important title to uphold, your mission begins with finding the perfect ensemble for this highly anticipated magical night. But let us keep it real, this is not an easy task.

This is the one night where every girl looks like they walked straight out of a Cinderella
story in full glam. But with so many new fashion trends, there are more ways to express
your personal style than defaulting to the traditional bedazzled gown. But a romper?!
Hold on, don’t call me crazy just yet. Here are 5 reasons you should consider wearing a
romper to prom:

1. You Will Stand Out.

I mean, who else would be bold enough to wear a romper to prom? That is right, you
are. Amidst the sea of gowns in the ballroom, you will make everyone do a double-take,
watch jaws drop and hear “No, she didn’t…” all in the most flattering way possible. To
satisfy every taste, there are rompers with attached skirts in different lengths from midi
to maxi so you will dress for the occasion, then let your skirt flow behind as you make
your way to the dance floor. Be far from basic and be the unexpected.

2. You Can Comfortably (and securely) Dance The Night Away.

Spin, twirl, drop it low, either way, you don’t have to worry about giving your fellow classmates a Britney Spears getting-out-of-the-car moment and flashing everyone. You can actually let loose and feel comfortable throughout the night without constantly adjusting your outfit to make sure your goods aren’t peeping out and sit down with ease. That’s one less thing to worry about!

3. You Can Wear It Again.

And again, and again. This isn’t your wedding day, so you should be able to wear your
outfit on more than one occasion. Breaking the bank for a dress that’ll be work for just a
few hours, then spend it’s lifetime hidden in your closet is not worth the price. Finding an
outfit that can be versatile is key, one day you glam it out with a fancy updo and sparkly accessories, and another day you transform it to a sporty-chic look pairing it with your
favorite sneakers. Besides, a good outfit should never be wasted just for one event.

4. A Typical Prom Dress is Not Worth The Splurge.

Real talk, a prom dress can be so expensive these days! Yes, you only go to prom
once, but that doesn’t mean you should empty your savings (or beg mom and dad) just
for a dress. Think about all the other amazing things (multiple things) you can buy
instead of on one piece. Like a cool new phone case, video games, pizza, perhaps,
saving up for college… There are so many trendy rompers​ you can choose from that
are under $50!

5. You Can Wear a Jumpsuit If You’re Not The Girly Type.

The most important thing about finding an outfit for prom is that you show off your
personality. Don’t try to be no one else but your beautiful self. If you’re not into sequin
and lace, then don’t feel pressured to force yourself to wear that just because it’s
expected. For the tomboys out there, wearing a jumpsuit to prom is the perfect
alternative! They are classy, comfortable and can be dressy enough to rock to prom.
What is your personal style and how do you plan to show it off at prom? Comment