Amazing Facts to Know About Bundles With Closure


The thought behind the initial use of human hair weaves was to make weaves appear as natural as possible. Although wefted hair bundles came close, getting a natural look was often elusive as sections of your hair (which at most times didn’t resemble your weave) had to be left out around your sown or glued weave. But with the technique of bundles with closure, you can achieve a very natural look as you don’t have to leave any sections of your hair.

What is a Hair Bundle With Closure?

bundles with closure

A hair bundle with closure comprises of two parts; bands of two or three wefted hair bundles and one set of a hair closure.

A closure is thousands of hair mounted on a transparent lace or a silk material spread evenly to cover a wide area of the lace or silk material.

The extra lace or silk material you see left out on a hair closure is to help you customize it to fit your hairline while applying your closure.

The lace or silk on your on your hair closure act as your scalp once you apply it on the section of your head where your leave-out hair ideally would be.

Pros to Hair Bundles with Closure

  • You get to protect your hair from the constant heat, chemicals, and dyes that often goes with straightening your leave-out for the duration you are wearing your weave.
  • When mounted skillfully, closures blend seamlessly for a much natural look

Cons of Hair Bundles with Closure

  • You need skillful hands to apply it on your head
  • You have to dye the base of the closure to match the color of your scalp
  • They are very delicate compared to wefted weaves

How Do You Mount on a Hair Bundle With Closure?

natural wave closure

For starters, DSoar hair brands provide an array of hair types of hair bundles and closures that you can choose from. Both the natural wave closure and the loose deep wave give you a Caribbean stylish look that’s undeniably great.  (second and third keywords)

To apply a hair bundle with closure, make corn row lines that go to the back of your head. If you have thin hair, you can reinforce it using loose artificial hair for even firmer corn row lines.

Gather the ends of the corn row lines and sew them in one place. Sew in your hair bundles all around and leave out the area with cornrows that you want to place your closure.

With the use of special glue, apply the hair closure to the area. Comb it or straighten it out to your desired style.

How to Care For a Hair Bundle with Closure?

Hair closures are delicate primarily because of the technique behind the making of the hair closure. The method involves attaching individual hairs to the base of lace, or a silk material with a powerful adhesive. Great care should be given to the hair closure to avoid balding caused by the falling off of the glued hair.

To care for your hair closure, while combing, start with the ends. While at it, let your other free hand hold down the base of the closure. In that way, you lessen the tension that would be a result caused by knots at the tips. Comb your way up to the base and finish by letting your comb run through from the base to the tips for a fine look.