How to Create Huge Volume With Hair Extensions



Hair extensions are great, not only for the length you can get in an instant, but also because of the added bonus of extra volume. Studies have shown that women are more attracted to men with full heads of hair and we are sure the same works in reverse! Depending on the installation method you use, there are different techniques to supercharge your volume and make your hair look fuller easily. While there are recommended amounts to use for each style, you are able to decide if you want to use slightly more or less to get the right look.

What hair extensions are the best for thin hair

What hair extensions are the best for thin hair

Two types of hair extensions are perfect for women with thin or fine hair: clip in hair extensions and tape in hair extensions.

Hair extensions are perfect for women with fine or thin hair. There are several products available such as root powder or hair spray that can be used to give the hair volume with little effort. However it is important to use them sparingly and wash them out frequently. They can cause build up which can make the hair look greasy or make the extensions slip, which is a common problem for tape in hair extensions.

Canada Hair offers clip in hair extensions, which are perfect for an instant boost as they are so easy to use. One pack goes a long way and works really well with asymmetrical styles. The sections you take are very important as placement not only helps the hair to blend better, but you can choose where you would like more volume. A tip you can use is to gently backcomb your hair and use either root powder or hairspray, before applying the clip ins. Not only will this make the hold more secure, but you will get lots of volume and height.

We suggest that for tape in extentions, you do not use any products on the roots as it will reduce the effectivness of the adhesive. Tape in hair extentions are very discrete and virtually undetectable. It is very thin so it will not be bulky but will still add to the overall volume of your hair and allow you to do a sleek ponytail. Tape in extensions are great for women with fine or thinning hair because they are lightweight and will add volume to your hair in a natural way.

What you should know about coloring your hair extensions

coloring hair extensions

So you are ready to purchase some hair extensions but after searching high and low, you still can’t find the perfect shade that will match your hair? This isn’t a problem for most people as hair extensions come in a variety of shades and colors. But if you have highlights or a custom color, finding a match may be difficult. In this guide we will explain what to do if you find yourself needing to color your extensions.

You can only color human hair

Synthetic hair has literally hundreds of colors as the fibres are designed to create any style imaginable. However as it is not human hair, it can’t be altered. This means that you are unable to color  it and in most cases even use heat on it.

A lot of online hair extension sellers source their products from questionable places, even if it is marketed as human hair, you can’t guarantee that is what you will receive. To reduce costs, some business will use a blend of human hair and synthetic hair to add bulk and volume. Therefore if you color this hair, the result will be extremely patchy and disappointing as only a portion of the hair will change and the synthetic fibres will be untouched.

You can only successfully color  high quality human hair and even then, as the hair is from different donors the results can’t be guaranteed.

Human remy hair has already been chemically processed

Remy hair is 100% human hair that has been processed to ensure top quality and usability. It means that all of the cuticles of the hair are facing the same direction and has been disinfected and cleaned. Our hair is tangle free and not stripped so that it is as close to natural as possible.

However by doing this it means the hair has already been subjected to chemicals and another process may cause damage. Hair extensions can last from months to years with the right care but just as coloring can damage your natural hair, the same goes for extensions.

If you choose to color your extensions you must follow a good care routine and make sure to use high quality products and deep condition them often. It would also be wise to use as little heat as possible. Regularly using heat will make the color fade and could even cause split ends and damage the hair.

Never DIY

Even though you can buy home color kits, we strongly suggest that you take it to a qualified stylist who has experience with coloring  extensions. It is a complicated process and the results can vary so never do it yourself.

Always buy the lightest color possible as this will give you more range when choosing your desired color. When you have a light blonde base, you can skip the bleaching process to lighten the hair and save time, money and hassle.

Common myths about hair extensions

Common myths about hair extensionsThere are lot of myths surrounding hair extensions. Here are some common hair extensions myhts that we will debunk.

First of all, hair extensions will not prevent your hair from growing back. This is simply untrue. Hair extensions are simply a hair accessory that is attached to your hair. It doesn’t involve the use of dangerous chemical products and therefore will not stop your hair from growing back naturally.

Secondly, hair extensions are safe, especially the ones mentioned above: clip ins and tape ins. Since clip in extensions are literally installed by popping open the clips and attaching them to your hair, there will be no damage to your natural hair. No heat, glue, or special products will be used so your hair is totally safe from any damage. The same thing goes with tape in extensions, which are safe extensions for your hair.

Last but not least, hair extensions aren’t expensive at all. Many people wrongly get the idea that extensions are very expensive because celebrities wear them. In fact, there are different hair extensions qualities so you can easily find hair extensions that will match your budget.