Does Your Man Have All 6 of These Bathroom Products


As a woman, we all know we can relate to each other when it comes to our own bathroom essentials. If you had 60 seconds to name off a few of your bathroom must-haves, we could guess that you would callout items like shea-buttered razors, rose water setting sprays, or your favorite bath bombs and bubble bath potions. Our list can go on and on for what would be considered our own bathroom essentials, but what about for men? We’re here to help you take a better look at what products your man has in his bathroom…and if he doesn’t have these 6 basic bathroom product essentials, well that’s why he has you to help him get them immediately!

How many of these products do you think your man already has laying around in his bathroom? Here are the top 6 essentials every man needs in his bathroom ASAP:

1. Deodorant

DeodorantThis one is a given. If your man doesn’t have deodorant lying around his bathroom, then you might need to sit down and talk with him. Consider this item checked off the list if you know for a fact he definitely has deodorant in his bathroom…or does he? Having deodorant in your own bathroom might be obvious, but this one may just be so obvious that it might get missed! Does your man skip out on the deodorant? Tell us in the comments below.

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2. Razor


Now, this bathroom essential is most likely the main bathroom essential every woman can guess that a man owns. Razors come to mind almost immediately when we think of a man’s bathroom. Other than his own toothbrush, every man should have his own razor on his counter or in his cabinet. Whether it’s a basic blade or an elegant hand-crafted razor, your man should consider his razor an essential. Are you guilty of using your man’s razor? Don’t worry we won’t tell…

3. Beard Oil

Beard OilOk, this is where the real fun begins. If your man has a beard, this is a product that may be a little harder to find. Believe it or not, a man’s beard has more hair care products than you may expect. Men with beards will know that they need to treat it with the best beard care products so that they can keep themselves groomed. Just like women, men like feeling clean and fresh. This is where beard oil comes in. Beard oil keeps his beard smelling better, which is a win-win for both of you. Not only will he smell good, you won’t have to worry about a rough beard because beard oil also helps with conditioning. If he doesn’t have beard oil, this is the perfect time for you to go out and grab a bottle to try on your man’s beard immediately.

4. Beard Shampoo

Beard ShampooDid you know there was such thing as beard shampoo? Well your man should know. If he isn’t using beard oil, he definitely must be using beard shampoo. Specifically formulated to strengthen and condition beards, beard shampoo is actually an essential every man needs if he has a beard. Just imagine how many hair care products are sitting in your own bathroom this very moment. Now just think of the possibilities of how many essentials your man should own if he has a beard like Marlon Teixeira! See if your man has these products lying around his bathroom.

5. Moisturizer

MoisturizerHow is your man doing so far? Does he have a perfect score? This one might be a little tricky. For women, we all have a skin care routine filled with everything from daily moisturizers and toners, to make up removers and nightly skin care routines. You may not know this, but men’s skin also need to be protected from the sun and moisturized just like women. Check to see if your man has a moisturizer in his bathroom, because moisturizer is something everyone needs as daily protection from the sun and anti-aging products. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, everyone can benefit from making moisturizer a part of their daily skin care routine. If your man doesn’t have a skin care routine, it’s never too late to suggest this essential bathroom product in your man’s toiletries.

6. Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningYou may not need to check his bathroom to know if your man is taking care of his teeth. Dental hygiene is one of the most important part of taking care of your health. To have your man looking his best and showing off those pearly whites, make sure that he is using a teeth whitener. There are many different options for teeth whitening whether it be through the use of adhesive strips, countertop UV lights, or simply toothpaste with added teeth whitening benefits. Any of these products will count towards your man’s 6 essential bathroom products.

Now that we’ve explored what a man should really have in his bathroom, we can leave the rest to him. Do you think there are other products that should be considered an essential in your man’s bathroom? Let us know what you think and in the mean time we’ll keep adding products to our own list of essentials for the bathroom and hopefully leave him some counter space.